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PREPARES is a parish-based ministry that is completely volunteer-based. Our volunteers devote as much or as little time as they feel they have to give in support of the families we serve. Some get involved indirectly by helping with diaper-drives, collecting donations and holding fundraisers. Some choose to have a more personal relationship with the families we serve and become trained companions. Whatever way you may choose to volunteer provides much needed support for vulnerable families.

To learn more about how to volunteer in your particular region, please contact the PREPARES Program Manager in your region:

Western Washington

(Seattle Archdiocese)

Aleah Patulot,
Program Manager


Central Washington

(Yakima Diocese)

Syndee Sauceda Cavazos,
Program Manager


Eastern Washington

(Spokane Diocese)

Lisa Green,
Program Manager & Statewide Coordinator


Volunteer Voices

Our volunteers frequently tell us how much their own faith has been strengthened by their involvement with PREPARES. 

“I want more people, particularly in my parish, to be excited about PREPARES . . . It’s something that I think God really wants.”

PREPARES Volunteer

“My view of the Church has changed. I see it not only as a place to pray, go to Mass and receive the sacraments, but as a second home.”

Play with Love Facilitator

“Meeting this family has changed my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to live out my faith.”

PREPARES Companion

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