Thank you for being a parent!

Statewide through Catholic Community Services of Western Washington and Catholic Charities in Spokane and Central Washington, the Catholic Church has provided a century of life-affirming professional supportive services for infant children and their mothers and families including pre-natal care, counseling, adoption services, and housing and medical care referrals.

Now, PREPARES enhances these cornerstone services by offering, free of charge, additional life-giving, life-changing tools that include the following offered support and activities.

PREPARES Offered Support and Activities


PREPARES is a nurturing response from the Catholic community and is open to all people. Contact us by using the Parish Locator, found at the bottom of the page, or contact your nearest PREPARES Area Coordinator using the contact information below.


An opportunity for a mom, dad, or family to be connected with a trained Family Companion volunteer or team that is there to support the family.


Fathers in a parish can start a Fatherhood support group that meets and invites Fathers in the community to come for an evening of discussion and support.


The PREPARES Bags will be filled with essential items for mothers and children from birth up to a child’s 5th birthday. Parishes can collect items to fill the bas for families in need. These bags would then be distributed in the community by PREPARES volunteers.


The parish community places the traveling Crib in their vestibule for a month time. The Parishioners fill the crib with baby related items such as diapers, clothing, blankets, and formula, anything that could be supportive to parents in their community.


Trained volunteers facilitate a play and learn group for parents and their children, ages birth to 5 years, get together on a regular basis to focus on fun activities with toddlers and parenting support.


Hold an event that brings volunteers together to donate items for families or you invite pregnant moms and their families to attend a Baby Shower which celebrate life and provides them with a few needed supplies such as layette baskets.